Coming Soon on PRIME - True Stories: Tantastic, August 7



Sunbathing and getting a tan is top of the list for many holidaymakers. But for some having a tan for just a few weeks of the year is not long enough. Now the term “tanorexic” has been coined to describe people whose need for a tan has become obsessive. So-called “tanorexics” are obsessed with having a permanent, deep tan and are prepared to risk their health to do so. This documentary talks to a number of tanaholics about their addiction to tanning.

TRUE STORIES: Tantastic, 7th August

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  • Brittany McDowell

    Tanning is very addicting i have been tanning since i was 14 which was almost three years ago. I used to just go for school dances and such. But once i found myself more appealing when i was tan i kept going. I eventually kept trying to find reasons to tan. Once i got to be older my mom didnt care so much what i was tanning for so i would tan every other month for a full month almost everyday. Now im 16 and will be 17 in 5 monthes and i have been tanning since probably december i go about everyother day and try to go everyday and when i dont i feel self concious about being white. ANd i never notice that im getting tanner.