England/Britain's (?) got talent

Was watching the winner of ‘England (or Britain’s) got Talent’. Not sure what it’s actually called. But see one of the judges is Simon Cowell!

Anyway the winner was on the news – and I think on Close-up too. Know I saw him twice, so it must have been on that!

Showed him in his earlier audition, a most unlikely person to sing like that, and amazed everyone! Also showed him in the final when he won.
He’s an Opera singer names Paul Potts. Even his work-mates were surprised and didn’t know he could sing!

Fantastic singer and just after there was an ad for his album that’s being released here in NZ.

Anyway, was thinking that’s maybe what we need here! A talent show for everyone to take part in – not just young pop singers!

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  • Rikki

    See that after being advertised on TV, this Paul Potts album went straight to number one on the album charts here in NZ!

    Shows what TV advertising does. A couple of weeks ago no-one had heard of him here!

  • Holly

    I am really excited for the premiere of the season 3 of America’s Got Talent. I watched the british show when i was living abroad, and i got totally hooked, so i am really commited to watching the new seasons!