Family Fraud

What a joke this is, I turn on TV and I have a quick look at TV2 just before the 6pm news, A lady gets asked “What is the worse place you would hear a baby crying?” she says “public transport” she gets the answer wrong, so the same question gets asked to the next lady, she says “A plane” and then ………… $B$I$N$G$O$ she has answered it right.

Well excuse me for thinking, but isn’t a plane trip much the same as a trip on “public transport” on both types
(1) you can only travel on them at certain times.
(2) you have to buy a ticket
(3) you don’t know most of the other people traveling with you.
(4) most people keep to themselves
(5) they take you from one place to anther
So basically the first lady I saw was right (I think) unbelievable what crap there is on TV, and some people watch it.

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  • Richard Principal

    I see the BBC has been treating the quiz show as a bit of a joke

    While I am at it in the same news paper it says how a 9 year old boy was deliberately run down by a “Pajero” I learnt today that in Latin-America Pajero means …………… um ………………….. something else???? say no more. opps just about got myself in the poo with the moderator.

  • Jacob

    It’s not about what the “correct” answer is, but more to try and guess the phrase/answer the 100 people surveyed gave.

  • miss_chaos

    My personal favourite:

    Name a country beginning with A

    Like 30 people had answered AFRICA

  • Richard Principal

    At least I am not the only one here with a higher IQ.
    Thanks miss_chaos

    …… and higher than those at TV2.

  • Richard Principal

    todays joke:
    I only watched this show to see what work the morons in New Zealand broadcasting is up to, and what crap they are giving us.

    Last night I did not have to wait long. they asked “what present would be hard to wrap?” the first lady said “boat” I thought that was a good answer especially if the boat was big and hard take out of the water. maybe it was not a very practical answer, how many people would get a boat for Christmas? (you guessed it she was wrong) I think the next lady said “car” now that is more practical, I bet every Christmas someone somewhere is getting a car for Christmas ( once again WRONG!!) and the award winning right answer “$B$I$K$E$” (thats bike in there) yes a bike would be very hard to wrap especially if you tried to wrap it with 45cent stamps GIVE ME A BREAK!! give me a bike any size bike a pile of of old newspapers (maybe some cardboard as well if you intend to hide the shape of the bike) and some tape and I will have it wrapped in no time.

    Not only are there morons working at TV2 that give us this crap TV, but as Jacob pointed out 100 morons that help put this crap show together.