Footballers' Wives - Friday 20 July

Footballers’ Wives Friday 20 July, 9.35pm

Zöe Lucker returns as Tanya Turner in tonight’s episode of ‘Footballers’ Wives’, at 9.35pm on TV ONE. With Amber sectioned with a bleed on the brain, it’s safe for Turner to return. On the plane back to Britain she meets the hot new Earls Park signing, Brazilian Paulo Bardosa (Jay Rodan), and the chemistry is electric.

Lucker says it’s great to be back in Tanya’s shoes. “Tanya doesn’t change – she’s as manipulative as ever and up to the same old tricks. She meets her toughest female match in Eva de Wolffe and she enjoys the sparring.”
Having spied Paulo on her flight, Tanya is quick to manipulate a meeting, she says. “They get very close on the flight and there is an attraction from the first moment they meet. He’s attractive to her on two levels – his looks, and because he’s going to be the one that can get her back into Earls Park.”

It’s just a shame Paulo’s got a partner – the formidable publisher, glamorous Eva de Wolffe (Joan Collins). The top international magazine editor is orchestrating Tre (Chucky Venice) and Liberty’s (Phina Oruche) wedding. It is Egyptian-themed and no expense has been spared. Tanya Turner blags herself an invite, much to Eva’s disgust, in the hope she can get close to Paulo. Tanya is a woman on a mission – now that she’s tasted Paulo, she wants more – and she’s not letting Eva stand in her way.

But Eva De Wolffe is a force to be reckoned with and she and Tanya are set to clash at every turn. Both as hard as diamonds and as cold as ice – perhaps Tanya Turner has at last met her true adversary.

Lucker, who visited New Zealand to perform in the stage play ‘Then Comes Love’, says the prospect of working with Collins is what convinced her to return to ‘Footballers’ Wives’. “Joan Collins was amazing. I’ve always been a big fan of hers. She is extremely professional but great fun too. She’s got a wicked sense of humour and is fabulously elegant, but down to earth.”

But Lucker would love to return to New Zealand and see it properly. “I loved New Zealand and I’m desperate to return. I had the most wonderful time and the people I met were all amazing, but I was working so hard I didn’t see all the bits I really wanted to.”

Tonight’s episode of ‘Footballers’ Wives’ sees Tanya Turner clash with ruthless magazine editor Eva De Wolffe as she tries to move in on Eva’s partner, the mysterious Paulo.

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