Good Morning needs your help with world record attempt!

Record breaker extraordinaire Alistair Galpin, with the help of TV ONE’S Good Morning Show, is going to attempt to break the world record for the most hugs in an hour. Galpin needs at least 700 people to give him a hug to break this world record.

Good Morning is inviting people to join them at Civic Square in Wellington on Friday July 13th at 1pm where they will film Galpin’s attempt to break the record for the most hugs in an hour.

The current record for the Most Hugs in an hour stands at 612, but record breaker extraordinaire Alistair Galpin reckons he can hug better than that. Galpin appeared on Good Morning in May where he broke the world record for breaking vinyl records in 30 seconds and set the record for snapping the most cucumbers in a minute.

These attempts proved so popular with viewers that Good Morning decided to make this record breaking attempt part of the school holidays so that viewers and their families can participate.

Children under the age of 16 must have an adult sign on their behalf. No infants may take part.

Presenter Brendon Pongia says “This is great, I’m looking forward to being there with our viewers and taking part in a Guinness World Record breaking attempt.”

Producer Sally-Anne Kerr says “These are exciting times for Good Morning, it’s not every day that you can attempt to break a world record and give someone a hug at the same time. We like creating firsts for Good Morning and our viewers.”

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