Grey's Anatomy: Season Three Finale

Grey’s Anatomy Thursday July 26, 8.30pm

Will Cristina and Burke tie the knot in the stunning season finale of Grey’s Anatomy?

Cristina and Burke’s wedding day finally arrives in the third-season finale of TV2’s hit drama, Grey’s Anatomy. While Meredith is uncharacteristically excited about the thought of ‘happy ever after’, Cristina is not quite so sure and wants to scrub in instead! Miranda refuses and sends her home…
Things get worse for Cristina when Mama Burke pressures her into wearing a choker that was worn by “five generations of Burke women” on their wedding day. Mama Burke also has her own beauty tips for Cristina that lead to hilarious results; and throughout the wedding day ordeal, Cristina is still adament she will perform surgery – and even resorts to begging Miranda.

But will Cristina actually make it down the aisle? Sandra Oh, who plays Cristina, believes that becoming a brilliant surgeon is far more important to her character than being a beautiful bride. “I’ve always tried to play Cristina with a tremendous amount of focus and ambition — which is the reality for a female surgeon. I mean, in real life there aren’t many of them. But the ones you encounter are at the very top of their game. You have to have a kind of ascetic personality to survive.”

Her portrayal of the strong-willed surgeon earned the actress a 2006 Golden Globe and SAG Award. Oh says that writers of Grey’s Anatomy deserve some of the credit as her storylines on the show provide her with plenty of opportunity to shine. But, she admits she loves the recognition. “I work very hard, sometimes too much, at my job because I love it so much. It is more than wonderful when all your hard work is noticed and honoured by your peers and the industry. Winning the Golden Globe was one of the best moments of my life.”

Also in the series finale of Grey’s Anatomy, George and Callie arrive at a decision about their future as a couple; McDreamy and Meredith discuss the art of flirting; and Richard names his choice for his successor.

The season three finale of Grey’s Anatomy screens at 8.30pm on Thursday July 26 on TV2.

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  • Courtney

    I was disappointed to hear Burke was sacked. It would have made much more sense to have George leave after he failed his exams because he didn’t want to be “bossed” around by his friends.