History Channel - Under Siege

Channel Premiere: Under Siege

The History Channel – Mondays from 30 July, 9.30pm

Few topics in the history of human conflict capture the popular imagination more than the drama of siege warfare. Whether it is a city, a town, a battalion or a regiment, the blood is stirred by stories of those that, usually vastly outnumbered, have stood behind walls and barricades in a last stand against their attackers. More often than not the city has fallen or the regiment has been defeated, but for the victor the triumph has been won at such a price as to render it worthless in the context of the wider conflict. So what makes those under siege battle on when to do so often has little logic? Who were the leaders who rallied their troops or their fellow citizens? What drives men and women to acts of extraordinary courage and self-sacrifice? Why has victory sometimes been won when bloody failure looks absolutely certain?

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