Jermaine Leef

Watch out for Jermaine Leef on Vodafone Select Live from Monday August 6. He replaces Joel Defries who has gone back to the UK.

Here’s Jermaine’s Bebo page if you would like to give him feedback.

Oh, and he’s released his own single (does that mean he’ll be playing his own song on Select Live?) called Secret.

Jermaine recently worked on Saturday Disney kids’ show on TV2 and also appeared on shows such as The Tribe and The Strip. He’s a talented dancer and choreographer and is in Triple8Funk dance company.

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  • Rachel

    The single sounds very Justin Timberlake.

  • Hanna

    Hope that people like him after Joel. I will so miss Joel, he’s so funny and cute. I’ll tell you what I think after next week. At least he’s had lots of TV experience before… hope we get to see his dance moves haha!

  • Shona

    Doesn’t really grab me. Needs to be more of an individual. A poor attempt at JC. Sorry but that’s my take.

  • Finally Free

    Oh, that single isn’t a joke? Okay.

    As a presenter he seems okay, he ain’t Joel, but no ones Joel, and he doesn’t annoy me like Phil Boswick.

  • supya’all

    I know what you mean Finally Free I didnt think it was for real either. Pretty awful.

  • Jerry

    Who is this guy? Has this song been released, if so it’s a shocker. The quality of the footage is dreadful. Don’t think he’s going to go far.

  • Rachel

    It’s not the actual music video, it’s from the making of it…

  • Michael

    2 boyband thats so old hat now.

  • Aimie G

    He dont got da x factor good luck but nah.

  • Onree

    The clip is from a phone and its not the actual video if you cant see for yourself??!! Its not a boyband it one guy and they are back up dancers. How can you make up your mind from a small clip from a phone? Just wait and see ey.

  • jermaine’s shawty

    dang! jermaine is fine as hell! he jus gets hotter errday

  • Michelle

    I caught this guy on c4 and he was quite boring so i hope he sings better.

  • moot

    wo nationality is he, he looks part aborigini. where is he from?

  • anonchick

    I think this video will please dancers. Theres cool as dancing in it from heaps of people in the nz hiphop dance scene. Also those popping guys from SCRIBES new video FRESH are in it too.. makin noise yo!

  • Jeremy

    Oh ‘DANG’ think someone just got busted. lol

  • shu shu

    Jermaine is going to do awesome!goodluck with the single… its sad that there are people out there trying to bad mouth him but i guess its just a jelous “someone” trying to look for a way out of his own bad look. go jermaine!

  • Daniel

    Jermaine is the most irritating person i have ever seen on NZ TV. He has no personality and is an over zealous arrogant jerk. I can’t stand his excessivly sarcstic nature and offensive phone manner. I don’t know how he ever got put on that show. He thinks far too much of himself and is totally demeaning to anyone. I could go on and on… All I have to say is he is so ungenunine. Give Jo Cotton the full Time Job PLEASE.

    Jermaine your fifteen minutes should have been REVOKED!

  • bobscoffee

    you could describe nearly most of C4’s presenters in that way, starting with Dai Henwood. They both co-hosted some New Years countdown a couple years ago, how terribly lame was that

  • Kori

    I think Jermaine is awesome! Really down to earth and funny. I always laugh when I watch him on C4, his quirkiness goes well with the whole mainstream Select music. I’m so bummed he’s leaving…but good for him with the OE thing =D