Live Earth

Starts 8pm tonight on C4! Add your thoughts on the show, what you thought of it (highlights/low points) here. Are you staying up all night watching the concerts? We’ll be adding in our thoughts and recaps here as it goes to air.

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  • Alaina Roar

    I taped it all (minus about half an hour after I fell asleep to wake up to find my tape had finished). I stayed up all night on the couch from about 12:30am when I got home, and saw a large portion from then on, between sleeping and watching a couple of other shows later in the day. Loved AFI. 😀 Have to go through my tapes and watch the rest to find other people I loved and was waiting for. Crowded House were great and it was funny when the lights went out for a bit there. The SOS thing between each celebrity message got really annoying. Like the morse code sounds.

  • Scap

    I didn’t watch it but I watched Kelly Clarkson on youtube and she was FANTASTIC. I dont think they played all of her set in NZ but she performed about 6 songs.
    Shes so awesome XD

  • Lucas73

    Al Gore said on Friday he isn’t in to politics anymore. He won’t run. Sting went e-i-e-i-o too much. The best was Roger Waters from Pink Floyd. Every song was note perfect including the guitar solos. He also had the flying pig. They had that in the Pink Floyd tour of 86 or 87. Fun day.

  • Lucas73

    Melissa should have just shut up and sung. She was very uncool.