Man's Work - Monday July 23



Ashley Hames (Sin Cities) turns his hand to some of the world’s toughest and most dangerous jobs in a bid to transform himself from pampered lay about to real man. Tonight: Gaucho Cowboy – Brazil. The gaucho cowboys are renowned for being tough and great in the saddle. Ashley isn’t. He hasn’t taken up the reins for over 24 years, but that doesn’t deter him in his quest to become as tough as his mentor Juliano, who has been breaking wild horses since he was eleven. As Ashley’s confidence improves, he is allowed to do more around the ranch, including lassoing a calf, driving cattle and performing internal examinations of pregnant cows. But will he ever manage to pass the true test of gaucho manhood by riding a wild horse?

MAN’S WORK: Gaucho Cowboy – Brazil, Monday 23rd July at 10.00pm

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