Matt Saunoa kicked out of SkyCity casino

“Matt Saunoa has been barred from Auckland’s SkyCity casino after he was seen paying cash to another man who has also been banned.

[Saunoa] was pulled from the gaming floor and police called in after casino staff saw him pass money to a man who was then seen passing something back. Saunoa was strip-searched but nothing was found.

“They [casino security] tried to tell me that I passed over money and he passed something back. I said, ‘Look, I owed him money’, and my story is true”.

Casino security remained concerned and barred Saunoa for “undesirable behaviour”. The other man has also been barred.

Saunoa…has a pregnant partner and a son.

Saunoa said he once needed a loan because, “to be completely honest, I had nowhere to go, no food”.

Saunoa, who denied being a drug user, has been on the gig circuit since winning the third and final Idol last year.

TVNZ said the casino incident was “not of sufficient importance” to have a bearing on the show.”

Read more at the NZ Herald

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  • Rachel

    I got a surprise seeing Matt on the front page of the NZ Herald!

  • miss_chaos

    $10 says Matt gets kicked off PUS tomorrow night

  • Graham Puddle

    Well what are judges going to do now. Silly Boy. He gets no sympathy from me for his stupid act. He must know he becomes public property in the position he’s become.

    What the judges should do now is bring back David after the fiacso last Sunday ,after their great comments after his elimination song, and what they did, he deserves another shot as he has been trying hard to improve his singing.

    It just may restore my faith in the judges again.

  • Tui

    Not good, when you add this to the whole ‘PlayStation’ fiasco.

  • Finally Free

    “undesirable behaviour” – that pretty much sums him up, huh?

  • bobscoffee

    Or how about they just kick off Matt and forget about David. That way the show will end sooner

  • Anonymous

    I was surprised to find this too Rachel – on Idolblog!

    And I’ll have the $10 Miss_Chaos, if he stays in *shudder* and here’s TVNZ saying it is ‘not significant enough to have a bearing on the show’ pfft. 🙁

  • Nic

    Don’t bet on it…. 😉

  • momentlikethis

    What i would like to know is who the heck is voting for Matt? And voting for Matt over Ben or Nik??????????

  • Graham Puddle

    Don’t worry the public will have there say on this matter. They certainly have as he is in the final we will see what happens next week against JO and NIK. I eat my words as he did sing well this week.

  • Kevin

    Mr Puddle…..the public have been trying to have their say, as in, he is constantly in the bottom two…..what part of that do you not understand?? It’s the moronic judges that have put him in the final, NOT THE PUBLIC!! Don’t know why we even have public voting, as the judges will override it in the end anyway!!

  • Kevin

    If I was Matt, I would sue the pants off them!! Police strip searched and NOTHING found… quick we are to be judge and jury…’s a thought, why don’t they give those judges a drug test huh?? Bet that’d turn up something! They must be on something, to be that damn stupid week after week!!

  • kiwijem

    $10 says Matt gets kicked off PUS tomorrow night

    Dreams are free, miss chaos – I wish your bet had come true too!!! 🙁

  • kiwijem

    Article on stuff this morning with Matt’s version of things …

  • Rachel

    NZ Herald: “The money he was paying back was not “thousands – it was more like 80″.”

    Stuff: “The 22-year-old had borrowed $200 for a night out when the pair were regulars at Manukau City karaoke Bar Of The Stars, he said.”

  • Rikki

    Heard it on the radio yesterday, with the announcer saying he was banned for 2 years from the casino for ‘undesirable behaviour’. The announcer also spoke about the ‘rumour’ of Matt having stolen an x-box from the Idol house!

    This just adds to the impression a lot of people already have of Matt and what’s been heard about him.:(

  • Sandie

    Hey, maybe tvnz could give them all a drug test?? Will that make you all happy?? Oh and what about a lie detector test just to top it off! Talk about a crusifiction!

  • Tui

    To add to Rachel’s last comment, reports that it was thought to be drugs he was payng for, but Matt has said it was a pack of siggies.