Men in Trees S01E21: The Girl Who Cried Wolf (1)

From the promo for the episode: Annie calls off the wedding, Jack and Marin have heart-to-hearts before Jack leaves for nine months. Or does he?
Marin and Jack are going for a walk together in the woods flirting when a wolf comes out and starts chasing them! They run for their lives. Marin comes across a distraught Annie in a clearing in her wedding dress say “no” over and over again. She’s soaking and the rain is pouring down, but just on her. Marin turns around and Jack is gone but his scarf is there, covered in blood and moments later, the wolf. Of course it’s a dream – it’s Mai’s dream.

Mai races over to Marin to describe the dream – or premonition. Marin brushes it off, thinking it’s pre-wedding stress. Mai warns Marin to watch out for her man.

Sara listens to Eric preach a sermon and afterwards they kiss. Some churchgoers catch them kissing.

Annie’s mom Mary-Alice is in town for the wedding. Mai overwhelms her mom and gives her a “mother of the bride” t-shirt (in bright yellow and red). Annie’s mom has brought Annie’s cat of 10 years – “Domino Dan”. She always wanted him to be her ring-bearer!

At the bar, Marin can’t believe Jack is leaving in 11 days. The gang talk about the Huskies team.

Annie is handing out wolf warning posters to everyone. The wolves are getting closer. Marin asks if they will kill you and Jack says if you see one, throw something at it and yell.

Mai and Mary-Alice and Celia are under a Chinese dragon in the church. The women argue about who should be the head and who should be the tail. Meanwhile, they try to get Domino Dan to walk the aisle with the rings. When the door is opened, the cat takes off outside! Everyone goes hunting for the cat. The girls try to stop Annie from crying. Mai tells Celia she thinks the wedding is doomed.

One of the church parish brings a letter to Eric, they’re concerned about some of his practices – preaching not from the pulpit, having “pre-marial” relations, saying God might be a “she”. Eric says he’s not sleeping with Sara but the guy thinks it looks otherwise, given Sara’s past.

Marin it outside her house and thinks she hears a wolf. Jack comes over to investigate. It’s the drunk mascot from the hockey team! Jack and Marin talk about him leaving, he admits it’s not easy for him to leave.

Marin: “I guess there’s a part of me that doesn’t want you to go.”
They almost kiss.
Jack: “Sorry, I’m sorry. I can’t do this. If I kiss you, I’m going to want to stay.”
Marin: “No I get it. Go, go!”
Jack: “Marin if you want me to stay, just say so and I’ll stay.”
Marin: “I’m not going to be that girl, who asks you to stay. You should stay because you want to not because I say to.”
Jack: “That’s crazy. Not you’re just jerking me around.”
Marin: “What, I’m jerking you around? Ok if I was jerking you around – which PS I am not – I would have every right to, you have been jerking me around for months.”
Jack: “So now what? You’re just trying to get back at me?”
Marin: “No, I am expressing to you how I feel.”
Jack: “I’m leaving!”
Marin: “You have made that very clear!”

Celia and Mary-Alice discuss seating plans for the wedding. They are drinking a toast together when Mai angrily turns up and realises she’s been left out.

Uh oh, Annie accidentally has waxed off one of her eyebrows!

Patrick tells Marin how the closer it gets to the wedding, the more he realises Annie is the one for him. Marin says he’s lucky to have that committment. She starts her radio show talking about the complexity of human relaionships.

Jack is shocked to see Annie’s eyebrow. She’s a mess and has tried to draw on an eyebrow but is determined not to cry because the women in her family don’t cry at their weddings. Jack admits he had a fight with Marin but he has no idea what it was about.

Eric and Sara are having dinner when he tells her he’s being called in front of the board because they think he’s sleeping with her even though he’s not. Sara is worried she’s messing things up for him. Eric disagrees and says she’s the best thing that’s happening in his life. They kiss.

Celia discovers a very drunk Mary-Alice under the dragon costume and locks her in a cell overnight, along with the drunk mascot. Mai comes down to the station and argues with Celia and Mary-Alice about being left out. Mai tells Celia she’s through with her and isn’t going to talk to her any more. Mary-Alice spills her guts to Celia about all the many problems with her wedding.

At church, Sara comes in late, everyone stares at her and won’t give her a seat.

Eric: “It’s hilarious, I’m talking about charity and you folks won’t even give a lady a set. I became a pastor because I wanted to make a difference. I believe that God put me on this earth to share my gift of faith with others. But some people here, some people who supposedly represent the interests of this parish have made it clear that they don’t have faith in me. And, if you don’t have faith in me, I can’t do my job for God. So, as of today, I’ll be tendering my resignation. I don’t know where I’m going to find myself next week but I have faith that it’s all gonna work out and I hope that the faithful among you will eventually join me.”

He takes Sara’s hand and they walk out.

Sara: “What are you doing?”
Eric: “Choosing you.”

Marin tells Sara about her fight with Jack. Sara says she thinks it’s the fight you have to help you deal with the being apart. Sara says maybe she wants him to choose her over the job.

Eric tells Annie and Patrick he can’t perform the ceremony in the church any more.

Eric feels bad for them. Sara says following his heart is admirable.

Annie tries hard not to lose it. Patrick says it’s ok to postpone the wedding for a couple of weeks if she wants. Annie really wanted church bells… and two eyebrows for the wedding.

Annie: “But all I really need is you.”
Patrick: “You’re still a trooper. I want to make our wedding day the best day ever.”

They kiss.

Marin goes running and comes across a wolf. She freaks out initially but then tells the wolf to leave and it turns around and runs away!

Mai comes in to see Celia but isn’t talking to her, so uses a sign to communicate.

Marin apologises to Jack for picking a fight with him because she’s mad and sad he’s leaving. She realises he needs to go and it’s a great opportunity. Jack says he worries about her but Marin says she’ll be fine.

Patrick has got Annie a massive church bell, they will get married where they initially met! Patrick assures her everything will be ok.

Ben has found a goalie for the team. While he’s outside on the phone, Jerome starts serving drinks. An inspector comes in and says he’s going to have to shut the place down! Ben says he is supposed to have a wedding reception here but the guy doesn’t change his mind.

Mai gives Annie a tea set passed down through the generations in her family. It’s meant to bring good luck. But suddenly the bell has fallen through the roof, with Patrick too! The tea set breaks and Mai says the wedding is cursed, all the signs are wrong. Annie bursts into tears. Celia and Mai argue and both says they’re dead to each other!

Annie runs outside crying. Patrick chases after her. She tells him the wedding is off!

Eric turns up at Sara’s house and kisses her passionately. She protests but he tells her he wants her.

Cash is back in town.

Jack packs up his bags.

Marin finally finds the cat, with rings still attached. Four wolves turn up and surround her, Marin is freaking out.

To be continued…

Next week: the wedding looks back on again. A bad storm. And Marin running down the wharf as Jack flies out.

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  • Rachel Sours

    Is there any other place I can go other than for the newer episodes. I can’t play the ones downloaded on and I really, really want to see them.

  • tin

    where can i watch episodes 20-22 online? thanks!

  • Hanna

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows the music list for this episode? There was a song nearish to the end which I really liked.. If you can help that would be great 🙂