National Geographic - Air Crash Investigation: Panic Over The Pacific

Channel Premiere: Air Crash Investigation: Panic Over The Pacific

National Geographic – Friday 3 August, 10.30pm

February 19, 1985. China Airlines Flight 006 is nearing the California coastline when disaster strikes. A series of small problems beginning with the failure of the jet’s fourth engine snowballs into an emergency. The plane stalls and tumbles toward the Pacific Ocean. As it twists and turns, the hellish G-forces pin crew and passengers to their seats. Wings buckle, the doors to the landing gear are ripped off and parts of the tail break away. Precious hydraulic fuel essential for landing is lost. Spinning wildly in thick clouds, the crew can’t tell up from down. In just two minutes the plane falls 30,000 feet. Then, as it bursts through the clouds, the crew are finally able to see the horizon. Using this as a reference, they level out and pull out of the terrifying dive, managing to land safely. The captain is hailed as a hero. But investigators piecing together the extraordinary events of Flight 006 tell a different story. While the pilot and crew were able to save the lives of everyone on board, mistakes they made during the flight caused the near disaster. For the first time, the National Transportation Safety Board examines how sleep patterns and circadian rhythms helped put both the crew and passengers, in an extremely dangerous position.

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