Nickelodeon: Shuriken School: New Episodes

Brand New Episodes: Shuriken School

Nickelodeon – Saturday’s & Sunday’s from 21 July, 5.30pm

Ever dreamed of going to a school where you could learn to be an astronaut, sorcerer, rock star or even a ninja? Well the kids in Shuriken School have got that chance, and in these brand new episodes there are plenty more crazy antics! When Great Master Otomo visits the school, he holds a conference about the ancient art of eating rice balls, Zumichito has invented a revolutionary smoke machine: the Holosmoke and the Principal tells the students that an election for class leader will soon take place… no ordinary event, this happening is known as a Ninjalection. Get schooled Ninja style and tune in to Shuriken School new episodes from 21st July, plus special screenings on Monday 16th July from 3-5pm during our Back to School special!

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