Shortland Street: Chris and Craig on a 'boys' weekend

Shortland Street Weeknights, 7.00pm

Chris Warner and Craig Valentine get more than they bargained for when they head out on a “boys’ weekend”, this week on Shortland Street.

Shortland Street top dogs, Chris (Michael Galvin) and Craig (Renato Bartolomei), are used to dealing with life and death situations on a daily basis. But when the two doctors go bush on a boys’ weekend, they are confronted with a life or death situation neither of them expected. What was meant to be a peaceful getaway for Chris and Craig in the wake of Chris’ personal issues, soon becomes more intense than the most chaotic day either experienced in the Emergency Department.
“Chris is thinking fresh air, maybe a little walk through the bush, nothing too demanding, a lot of drinking of very expensive red wine, sitting around a camp fire, toasting marshmallows,” says actor Michael Galvin. “It would be fair to say that he is not much of an outdoors man, he likes his comforts.”

The weekend away has a strange feel to it right from the outset for the Shortland Street CEO, when Craig introduces his hunting buddy, Lloyd (Shaun Thompson). Chris and Lloyd couldn’t be more different. “Chris does become a bit worried because suddenly his lovely relaxing holiday has this added edge to it,” says Galvin. “Lloyd seems to be demanding company, the kind of person that expects you to behave a certain way.”

Within hours, Lloyd is missing and then Chris and Craig are attacked by a mystery ranger with Lloyd’s crossbow, who appears to have taken him hostage – or worse, taken his life. “He has a crossbow that would seriously hurt you if it hit you, but Chris is used to conflict situations being a CEO,” says Galvin. “He is used to the idea that he can talk people into things and out of things so I think his first thought is, ‘how am I going to negotiate myself out of this one’? But as it turns out, this guy is beyond negotiation and a bit of a nutcase. He realises the best thing to do is not provoke him, because when you provoke unstable, unpredictable people, bad things happen.”

The situation is complicated by the close friendship shared by Chris and Craig. “The friendship makes it harder and adds an emotional factor to the situation which gets in the way a bit,” admits Galvin.

There are tough times ahead for Chris and Craig this week on Shortland Street, weeknights at 7.00pm on TV2.

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