Sky 1: Crossing Jordan: Last Ever Episode!

Last Ever Episode! Crossing Jordan

SKY 1 – Monday 6 August, 7.30pm

In an unforgettable flight and spectacular series finale, Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy) and the team of coroners are stranded in a devastating plane crash. When Dr Kate Switzer (guest star Brooke Smith, “Silence Of The Lambs”) is put in charge of investigating the inexplicable deaths of people aboard a ship in the Norwegian Sea, she enlists the help of Jordan and the entire team of coroners. But on their way back to Boston with the bodies, an unexpected storm causes their plane to crash, leaving the team stranded in the mountains. Woody (Jerry O’Connell) and Bug (Ravi Kapoor) set out on foot in search of a radio reception to signal for help, while Jordan, Macy (Miguel Ferrer), Kate and Nigel (Steve Valentine) do what they do best, autopsies. Trying to figure out what mysteriously killed these people, while facing the fact that they may all die, Jordan and her fellow coroners are pushed to their limits. Don’t miss the stunning last ever episode of Crossing Jordan!

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