Sunday Theatre: Recovery: Sunday 15 July

Sunday Theatre: Recovery Sunday 15 July, 8.30pm

‘Sunday Theatre: Recovery’ is a powerful drama about how an accident to one person irrevocably affects the lives of everyone around them – how one split second can change everything and shake the very foundations of a loving family (tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE).

Alan Hamilton (David Tennant) and his wife Tricia (Sarah Parish) are very happy. He’s the head of a building firm and top of his game. She’s a part-time beautician and a full-time mother to their two sons. One day, their lives are torn apart when Alan is involved in an accident that leaves him in a coma, with a significant brain injury.
When Alan finally comes round, Tricia is overjoyed to have her husband back. Little does she realise that waking up was just the beginning of Alan’s recovery. The man she loved has disappeared. He has no memory of the accident and, worse still, no memory of his wife. His behaviour’s changed, he’s lost all of his inhibitions and he veers from angry and frustrated to vulnerable and childlike. Tricia slowly realises that the husband she loves is in there somewhere – she just has to try and find him.

David Tennant (‘Dr Who’) says his role in ‘Recovery’ required quite a bit of research – both reading about head injuries and meeting with various people who had first-hand experience.

“Each instance of brain injury is very unique, but you can get a general sense of what it might be through talking to people. You can’t really imagine what it must be like to be married to somebody who becomes a different human being.

“Our brain is our personality, is our thoughts, is our world – and if that gets knocked, even a couple of degrees sideways, you become something fundamentally different.”

Tennant says the darkest day for his character Alan, is when he realises that something terrible has happened and he’s not the man he remembers being.

Tonight’s ‘Sunday Theatre: Recovery’ explores the experience of brain damage and looks at impact on the individual, and everyone around them. After the accident, Alan and Tricia’s life together is nothing like the life they used to live. But together, maybe it’s still worth living.

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  • Anonymous

    Another very well worked and sensitive piece of drama from the Sunday Theatre stables. 🙂 Keep it up TVNZ.

  • campgrrls

    This was an excellent drama – gripping, disturbing and thought-provoking. It was one of those dramas that had me thinking about what makes us who we are, and the nature of relationships etc.

    And Sarah Parish is one of those actresses that I rate far more highly than Tamzin Outhwaite. Both the actors were excellent in this prog.

  • toglogs

    I love Parish. She was great in Cutting It, and there was another program as well that she was pretty good in.

  • campgrrls

    Blackpool? The very good musical drama also with David Tennant?