TCM: Star Birthdays: Myrna Loy: Test Pilot (1938)

Star Birthdays: Myrna Loy: Test Pilot (1938)

TCM – Thursday 2 August, 8.30pm

One of the best aviation dramas ever made, with stunning aerial photography and a stellar cast. Clark Gable is a world-renowned test pilot who is forced to land his plane in a Kansas cornfield, where he meets Myrna Loy. The two fall in love over breakfast and get married, but Loy is terrified by her new husband’s risk-taking. Spencer Tracy is Gable’s devoted mechanic/co-pilot. The filming of this movie proved to be very eventful: Tracy gave Gable his long-standing nickname “King of Hollywood,” when, irritated by Gable fans blocking his car in the MGM lot, he stood up and shouted, “Long live the king! And now let’s get inside and go to work!” When the prop department heard about the incident, they made a cardboard crown lined with rabbit fur for Gable. Tracy, irritated at having to play yet another supporting role to Gable, dragged out his death scene for so long that Gable finally shouted, “God’s sake, Spence, die will you?”

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