TV News uses photoshopped tornado!

This is pretty bad… and pretty funny! Spare Room reports both One News and 3 News used a photoshopped image from a woman who sent it in as a joke!

The following is a statement provided to us from TV3:

“TV3 was misled into using this image very briefly. As soon as we were advised it was potentially fake, we removed it from our system. It has served as a timely reminder to be vigilant with viewer contributions, particularly given the technology available to people at home.”

The following is a statement provided to us from TVNZ:

“Like many of the media, TVNZ used this image in good faith for a short time, and stopped using the image as soon as we realised it might not be authentic. We are very aware that photographs and video footage can be digitally altered, and we have processes in place to check the material that is supplied to us by the public. Because of this incident, we are reviewing these processes.”

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  • Tui

    Thanks Rachel for the link to the bigger picture – I only had the smaller copy.
    I guess the cool thing in all of this is that you can see how awesome the foreshore is 😀