Weeds, Sunday July 22



In series two Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) has evolved from small-time weed dealer to a full-fledged entrepreneur, having spent most of series one establishing herself as a major player in the not-so-seedy underworld of suburban marijuana distribution. Tonight: Cooking With Jesus. Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) breaks things off with Peter (Martin Donovan) to concentrate on her new grow house business. With Conrad out, Andy, Doug and Nancy attend a marijuana convention in search of a new plant, but she soon realises that she’s in over her head. Later, after learning of her break-up, Conrad decides to realign with Nancy in the business. Megan’s decision to attend Princeton leads a heartbroken Silas to announce he’s skipping his senior year to relocate to New Jersey with her, but Megan refuses his offer.

WEEDS: Sunday 22nd July at 9:30pm

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