Animal Planet - Big Cat Diary: Family Histories

New Episodes: Big Cat Diary: Family Histories

Animal Planet – Tuesday to Friday 21 – 24 August, 9.00pm

Since 1996, Big Cat Diary has given viewers an extraordinary insight into the lives of Africa’s greatest cats. This captivating animal soap has followed the fortunes and misfortunes of individual lions, leopards and cheetahs in their natural environments. Now, in rich and fascinating detail, the Family Histories episodes showcase the feline families that viewers have grown to know and love, as Big Cat Diaries revisits Kenya’s magnificent Masai Mara to catch up with their latest developments.

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    Hi,I am relatively new to computers,i have been interested in African wildlife/sharks etc. from i was 5-6 years old, (almost 50 years ago)..I wish to purchase your “Big Cat Diary” dvd’s,the complete set of all seasons if possible & i would appreciate any information you can give me on this. i.e..What episode/seasons dvd’s are available,price lists & details of shipping costs to Belfast,N.Ireland please.I am virtually housebound due to severe disablement,so while i have already seen most episodes as a subscriber to Animal Planet,i would love the complete set if available..Many thanks for time concerning my enquiry,keep up the good work with what is,in my view the best programme on television.

    Best Wishes,

  • Jenny000000

    Unfortunately the first Big Cat Diary series’s are not available on DVD, although i so wish they were!
    You can purchase the Big Cat Week episodes from or
    I bought the four series’s of Big Cat Week, series 1 & 2 come together so was three DVD’s and altogether it costs around £20 for all three including shipping, shipping to Derry, N.Ireland.
    Check out amazon, they’re usually the best;
    You can also watch Big Cat Week and also the most recent Big Cat Live episodes on youtube