ASB Business Changes Channels, Campbell Nightmare Continues.

ASB Pulls Out, Campbell Live Nightmare Continues.

ASB Business Changing Channels

ASB Bank has pulled it’s sponsorship for the early morning business show on TVOne, after it was told a programming change meant the bulletin would screen half an hour earlier at 6 A.M.
The move isn’t only unpopular with the show’s sponsor, veteran presenter Michael Wilson had expressed a concern for the continued success of the programme, and is following the sponsor to TV3’s new Sunrise programme.

It’s a move that has further lowered the moral of TVNZ staff that claim they’re already over-worked after TVNZ’s breakfast lineup lost a host of reporters, and their sports presenter in a spate of redundancies earlier this year.

When questioned about the presenter’s new role TV3 Head of News & Current Affairs Mark Jennings hinted there wouldn’t be a new morning business bulletin on the channel, but Wilson would likely present half hourly business updates.

TVNZ head of News & Current Affairs Anthony Flannery was the first to acknowledge employees are moving between both network’s. With long time TV3 Reporter and Producer Cliff Joiner completing his stint at TV3 this weekend, he’ll move into a production role at the State Broadcaster. A reliable source has told it won’t be the last move of key staff from TV3 to move to TVNZ’s News & Current Affairs stable.

Wilson takes with him his producer Erica Lloyd who resigned yesterday as well as former executive producer Liz Kirschberg.
TV One’s Breakfast show will be moved to the earlier start time of 6:30 A.M. to ensure it’s competitive with new arrival Sunrise.

Meanwhile things aren’t all rosy at TV3 either.

A ratings nightmare continues to plague the Campbell Live show as it continues hemorrhaging money from the networks coffers.
The 7:00 P.M. position is internationally acknowledged as a vital ratings timeslot but it’s become a disaster for the otherwise successful network, particularly for those in TV3’s target audience 18-49 year olds. The programme’s regularly beaten by TV1’s ‘Close-up’ TV2’s ‘Shortland St’ and seriously challenged by niche Network ‘C4’s’ Family Guy. Media commentators say its further cementing Campbell’s role as the ultimate Current Affairs Presenter for those who don’t watch Current Affairs. With sponsor’s pulling out and ratings failing to increase despite numerous changes of guard at the executive producers desk. One can only wonder how long TV3’s new owner the private equity firm Ironbridge capital will allow it to continue.

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  • DanielM

    Wish that Giggli link went to the actual news stories.

  • ell

    Giggli hasn’t worked for me in the last week fullstop.

  • Tui

    This whole ASB Business drama is great.
    It’s no loss to ONE at all – and I just hope Breakfast Business will be better (with better theme music)!

    I did wonder why the Telecom logo was no longer in the Campbell Live intro..

  • Little Witch

    I confess to going off Campbell Live these days. Normally I go by the stories of interest to me personally before choosing between CL and CloseUp but I’m getting kind of sick of huge stories being nothing much at all. Both shows are guilty of it. So it has been mainly Shortland Street which I’m enjoying after a ten year break and yep Family Guy ’cause I like that Stuey.

    Jackie Clark is great though – but she has left Campbell Live hasn’t she?

  • Tui

    She has?!

  • DanielM

    Sucks to be Michael Wilson though. Why did he decide to go in a job where I see no point in him being there at all? I understood on One, they had Business and wanted a presenter and then he followed through the rest of the morning. But now he’s on TV3 that doesn’t have a business show, but will have him presenting “half hour business updates”?

    Sounds like his job will go like Stephen Stuarts did on One – in the redundancy bin.

  • Tui

    That sucks – she was cool!