Australian Idol 5

Would you want to see Australian Idol 5 on TV here? With no NZ Idol this year (let’s face it PUS didn’t count) and ages until the next American Idol, an Australian Idol on screen here might prove popular.

It’s just started in Australia last Sunday.

What do you think? We’ve had at least one season of it on our screens before…

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  • bobscoffee

    no thanks

  • jhjh2000


  • Rikki

    Really would love to see it here!

    Enjoyed watching the previous ones we got.
    Surely we would have heard if it was going to be shown here by now though!
    Did hope that if we aren’t getting another Idol here (which isn’t such a bad thing) that we would get to see the Aussie one – and that people fom NZ would be able to enter it!

  • Rachel

    Kiwis can definitely enter the Australian competition… I know some that have 🙂

  • SniffNTheTearsAway

    nope. Idol has been done to death. I dont like Aust Idol because of their backward Aussie accents.

  • Tui

    I loved Aussie Idol and would watch it if TV2 decided to run it here.

  • Alaina Roar

    I’d love to see Aussie Idol again. 😀

  • Aimie G

    why dont we get AI here anyways coz its much better than NI