Cartoon Network - Barbie Move Marathon

Barbie Movie Marathon

Cartoon Network – Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 September, from 11am

It’s all about Barbie this weekend! You can catch everyone’s favourite blonde in a weekend packed with four Barbie movies including; Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses, Barbie Fairytopia and Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia! Not to mention the premiere of Barbie’s latest flick – Barbie as the Island Princess! After being shipwrecked on an island as a little girl. Rosella (Barbie) grows up with a loving family of animals: the red panda Sagi, the peacock Azul and the baby elephant Tika. But when Prince Antonio discovers their tropical paradise, curiosity about her past leads Rosella to journey with the Prince at his castle. As she and her animal friends explore civilization, they uncover an evil plot to take over the kingdom. Through its heart-warming finale, Barbie as the Island Princess shows that when love guides you, miracles can be close at hand.

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