Crime & Investigation - CIA: Ivan Milat - The Backpacker Murders

Crime & Investigation Launch: CIA: Ivan Milat – The Backpacker Murders

Crime & Investigation Network – Sunday 2 September, 7.30pm

CIA is a bold, prime time investigative series, which examines shocking crimes which remain forever embedded in our history. Hosted by respected journalist and broadcaster Steve Liebmann, each episode of CIA includes interviews with those affected by the crimes featured, from the detectives and news reporters to the families of the murdered. Some of these people speak publicly for the very first time, highlighting the real human drama of these terrible acts. The series also enters the world of forensics and examines the investigative methods available. It provides factual accounts of the ground-breaking detective work and cutting-edge technology that is being used to help solve crime.

Ivan Milat – The Backpacker Murders:
The backpacker murder case in the Belanglo State Forest, south west of Sydney, has entered Australian, and indeed international, criminal folklore. The brutal murders of seven young people, most of them overseas tourists hitchhiking around Australia, attracted world-wide media attention. The remains of their bodies were uncovered in 1992. The arrest and conviction of Ivan Milat would catapult him to become Australia’s worst individual serial killer. It is believed that Milat was involved in several other killings and there is strong evidence that he didn’t act alone. (M)

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