Crime & Investigation: Extreme Ghost Stories

Wednesday Scare! Extreme Ghost Stories

Crime & Investigation Network– Wednesday’s from 5 September, 11.30pm

An investigative series looking at frightening and unsettling tales of the paranormal. Nowadays most people listen to ghost stories secure in the knowledge that the shiver of terror they may feel will pass. Extreme Ghost Stories puts this complacent modern attitude to the test with six tales of dire dread, each immaculately researched and each truly harrowing.

Episode 1: Is it possible that beyond our understanding there exists a darker world? Throughout history, every culture and age has told stories of hauntings, visitations from beyond the grave. Whatever your beliefs, what cannot be denied is that the living are outnumbered by the dead. These Extreme Ghost Stories are created from first hand accounts. They portray the experiences of people who had no more reason to believe in ghosts than you. Tonight’s stories include: The Skirrid Inn, The Enfield Poltergeist, The Nursery Maes Artro Airfield, The Kilsyth Haunting Tune in to find out if a children’s nursery in North London houses a black secret? And what strange visitation caused a family to flee their home in terror?

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  • Tui

    Woah I can’t miss this show!!