Disney Playhouse - Little Einsteins Premiere

Premiere: Little Einsteins – Great Sky Race Morning

Disney Playhouse – Sunday 9 September, 10.00am

Get ready to blast off with Leo, Annie, Quincy and June when an all new episode of everyone’s favourite series, Little Einsteins screens on Playhouse Disney in September. In “The Great Sky Rematch” all the greatest flying machines are gathering today for a race around the world — it’s the Great Sky Race! Rocket won last time, but this time the dastardly Big Jet cheats! Before the race begins, he uses his bopper to smash Rocket’s flying button. Now Rocket can’t be a rocket ship and fly. But Rocket won’t give up. Even though he can’t fly, he can still go fast – bouncing with his Pogo Bouncer, chugging as a Rocket Train, and swimming through the ocean as a Rocket Submarine. The Little Einsteins will have to keep transforming Rocket into new vehicles if Rocket is going to beat Big Jet to the finish line. Let the race begin! Join the Little Einsteins as they venture to new and exciting places in this September on Playhouse Disney.

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