Entourage Season 5 announced

Great news for Entourage fans: the show has been renewed by HBO for a fifth season.

Created by Doug Ellin, Entourage will have debuted 54 episodes at the end of its fourth season. Drawing on the experiences of industry insiders, the hit show stars Adrian Grenier as Vince, who is enjoying life in the limelight as a hot young actor; Kevin Connolly as Eric, Vince’s manager, who tries to help him make the right choices; Kevin Dillon as Vince’s half-brother Drama, now relishing a taste of success from his new series, “Five Towns”; Jerry Ferrara as Turtle, the least savvy of the group; and Emmy winner Jeremy Piven as Ari, Vince’s aggressive, high-powered agent.

People calls the show “entertaining in the extreme,” while TV Guide terms it “ridiculously entertaining.” The Washington Post hails the show as “a seductive celebration,” and the Chicago Tribune describes it as “crackling” and “whip-smart.”

Entourage received seven Emmy nominations this year, including Outstanding Comedy Series, two for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Piven), Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (Martin Landau), and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series (Julian Farino). In 2006, the show won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Jeremy Piven).

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  • falconernz

    YESSSSS! Everyone Should Download this or buy it on DVD seen as TVNZ basically refuse to screen it or give it a terrible timeslot. Shame on TVNZ. This is where SKY should be lifting it’s game and picking up series like this and airing it first run instead of giving us endless CSI repeats.

  • toggerlogger

    Entourage season 1 was on in a bad timeslot.
    I basically gave up trying to watch it as it kept moving, and downloaded the entire series 1 – 4.. and found I didn’t like it much.
    odd.. not much out there I don’t like, but each to his own though right.

  • whatever

    I dunno how true it is but I just read a blog that said they’d be picking back up again with Season 5 in June of ’08.

  • slovenian guy

    Why is everyone mad?! Here in slovenia no TV doesnt even know what Entourage is not to mention thinking about airing it in this decade! So be happy ypur countrys even have the brain to put it up on TVs forget at what times!
    But i realy hope that season 5 comes earlyer than july 08!! WTF man we cant wait a year for a nother 10 episode season!!

  • picachu

    i agry it is the best tv show ever
    i see it all up to the 4 se
    for 3 tims now
    im going crazy for it man
    cheers all and peace from israel

  • Nicole Foster

    The 5th season will start June 8th, 2008.
    I read this in an article on TV FODDER.com

    Isn’t that awful! I can not wait to see the boys back! Looks like I can cancel my HBO until then at least.

  • jake

    yeah theres no way i can wait that long lol

  • Allan

    We’re currently showing episode 3 of Season 3 in the UK, so at least you’re up with the times.

  • benjamin Bird

    hey guys, i love in the uk too, but just to et you know if u are using a mac then download a program called xtorrent, i used it to download seaon 3 and season 4, its good quality and only took about 3 days to get them both nd its about 30 episodes all together (20 in season 3 and 10 in season 4) i payed for the program but there is a free version that downloads a little slower. just wating for the release of season 5 cos i watched the rest lol, have fun

  • Big B

    The best show in the world im just pissed its only a half hour make it a frickin hour man anybody else agree?

  • Old Salty

    This is great television, very addictive. Wish I had a group of single friends like that.
    Does anyone feel there are subliminal messages offered in this series?
    I am so pumped everytime from the music and the boys driving in the old Lincoln.

  • Dury Laplin

    I like tv, dis show good

  • Green

    Great news.
    I love this show moore than any other!

    Cheers for drama and ari:)

  • svenska_killen

    Gutt är de!! This is the best Tv-series for, like forever. I’m dissapointed that Kevin Dillon didn’t win the emmy though. C’mon are you kidding me? Johnny Drama is the star of the show!

  • swedish fan

    de e bra, svenska killen ;P

    Entourage is THE best show to hit the air in the history of tv-shows. Just finished the fourth season. Can you guess if I got happy when I read this news?

  • This show is something no viewer has seen before. Apart from being seriously funny this show has some sort of a “reality show” feel in it too. Hats off to the whole crew.

  • kj

    i swear every season i get afraid that there not going to do another, now i know how people felt when friends stopped running, i dont even watch tv but i watch entourage. and heroes.

  • krazey kaye

    I love this show. I have the DVD of seasons 1-4. Who wants to buy his/ her own copy? let me know 🙂

  • Jackson P

    Entourage is over rateeeeed!! chill obsessed peeps

  • craziest_dizzam

    Jackson, why would you intentionally go to the fan blog of a show and say negative things about it? I think I know, so here is the attention you obviously so desperately need.
    You’re so special Jackson and SO unique…yes, my special little boy.

  • Joel Miles

    when does season 4 come out on dvd, does anyone know?

  • Mr. Kushmayn

    sweet! love the show,seen every seasontwice. cant wait to see the next season. when do you think season 5 gonna start?

  • presto

    hi kaye,
    how are you i would be interested in buying season 4 dvd

  • i cant wait no more

    june 8th, 2008 for season 5……. r u kidding me….. i dont know if i’ll be alive by tht time or nt……

  • Dave

    I already have all of season 5…It’s damn good

  • bo

    i want season 4 where did you get it? how can i get a copy?

  • Billy Byrne

    Any way you can let me know how to get season 5? don’t want to wait until next June!

  • Paco

    how did you get season 5 already?

  • irishjosh713

    I will do anything to get this… tell me how you got season 5, im one of the most impatient people around… Just email me the site to download on!

  • mish

    Hi Dave,
    Man im a diehard fan of entourage…i watch the same episodes over and over again like everyday man…u gotta tell me where to get season 5 from…mail me: mishgt@yahoo.com

  • Mike

    You guys are retarded. Yes Entourage is amazing but this guy “Dave” is smoking way too much crack. If they haven’t even made season 5 yet, then you can’t have it!

    We’re all waiting for the premiere of Season 5…only 6 months left! Chill!

  • ankhwerewolf

    i heard that it is not season 5 but like how season 3 had 2 parts it will be just like that

  • Entourage Exec.

    Dave, your WRONG, you dont have Season 5. You probably just have season 4 and are to stupid to realize that it isn’t season 5. I personally think you are trying to sound all cool and shit so people will like you and want to be your friend. You are special Dave, special in that “clap your hands above your head” kind of special. Grow up you douchgaloid!!!

  • Russ

    Dave u tard…..I got season 6 on vhs!!!

  • EntourageNOW!

    Man I can’t believe the 5th season of Entourage begins June 8th. That’s such a long ways away. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait that long. I guess I’ll just rewatch all the seasons again since this show is sooo awesome!!!

  • dave, russ…u guys need to catch up….vince wins an oscar in season 8, turtle ODs and goes into rehab…drama moves to tibet, and after they have a falling out, e becomes a homeless dude who lives on the corner of pico and alvarado….

  • Akeel

    hey if u want season 4 contact me on akeeltobias@yahoo.com i have best quality

  • Michael

    I Guys
    I have all the entourage season . Its greatess tv show at all.
    but in french traduction its sucks. So i listen it in english. I hope the season 5 will be amazing too.

    Longue vie à Entourage et à Johnny “Drama” Chase !!!

  • nearlycivilized

    For all seasons and all episodes of Entourage go to sidereel.com

    I don’t have HBO, but I just watched every single episode of the show from season one through four for free!

  • VC

    Entourage is fuckin badass.. Jackson is gay..Dave is an idiot everyone else you’re tight.

    Cant wait for season 5 just like everyone else.

  • Entourage Fan

    Season 5 of Entourage will begin filming in March or April 2008 and will begin airing new episodes in Fall 2008. The exact premiere date has not been set yet.

    Hopefully, they will be able to film all episodes before a potential Actors Guild Strike, which is supposed to begin June 2008.

    Entourage was originally set to begin filming in Jan 2008 and air June 2008, but was delayed due to the writer’s strike.

  • nemesis

    You sir are a focking chode.

  • Old Salty

    54 episodes in 3 days. Amazing!

  • rob

    your a lier fo shizzle. poser

  • I love this show, truly amazing.
    kinda reminds me of my band, haha.

  • bige4u

    i miss this so much i need it to come back i went out and got a new 55 inch plasma to to make it better

  • asd

    this show is the best there ever was and ever will be

  • Ali

    Well all of us would love to live this kinda life this is y we all love it!!!

  • Will

    Fiiinnnnnaaaalllllyyyy they better make more episodes than season 4 though, and does anyone know when season 4 comes out on DVD??

  • evan rachel wood

    i’ve loved this show since it started, and not only have i learned alot about the business of hollywood but i thoroughly find it so very entertaining!

  • Derek

    Does anyone know when season 5 starts up? Thanks for the info.

  • Hale S.

    This show kicks a..s. It is really great, fun, like an addiction. All i can say is that i wish i could just watch the 5th season right now!

  • JMB

    Just a rumor but, I heard season 5 starts airing in june this year.

  • I just finished watching season 3 and 4 in a single weekend.

    I can’t wait until September for S5

  • Season 5 will premier on Sept 7 2008
    A long wait =/

  • Serge Vallières

    Hello everyone, I thought the season 5 was supposed to be on the air in May!

    Thanks to let me know if someone is aware of that information….


  • Danny

    this is gay man, a really long wait for a season of a series, like come on for god sakes. seriously bs

  • Rocky

    Ok Entourage is the best Show for a man to watch, PERIOD! I mean come on theres comdey, which every guy enjoys. Woman, which every guy should love, and the crap they get themselves into just makes u wish you had a crew like that. They only thing that sucks about this show is waiting a damn year for the next season to start. Does anyone on here know for sure when this season starts? I hear Sept, May, June…Stop playing with our emotions!!

  • Nick Brancaccio

    first off, the show should bee an hour long. Second, it should stay on for at least 72 more seasons. after that….I want movies… like 6 of em

  • I wonder if Turtle’s career is going to blow up? Anyone know how many seasons Entourage will run for?

    Entourage LA Scene Locations

  • C

    This show is like fukkin’ SEX and the CITY for the boys! Johnny DRAMA is my hero!

  • Mr. Mac(daddy)Cane

    Ever heard of too much of a good thing?

  • nb

    September 7th is the premier

  • the crub

    have you ever heard of a tv show, its called multiple seasons
    ur an idiot my friend,

  • EM

    Word on the street is that entourage is supposed to run for 3 more seasons, then they will have a movie! Somethings like sex and the city.

  • brandon

    greatest comment alive

  • Vince

    September 7th, is that an official date? or just the buzz

  • letsgolakers

    Does anybody know when season 4 will be released on dvd?

  • ashton

    to the poster below, if i recall correctly it’s august 16th.

  • Brian Graham

    Can’t wait. This is the best fucking show ever. I life I would love to live.

  • JL

    Um, this work of genius should never be compared to “Sex in the City”, which is an abomination.

  • Doug E

    Hate to disappoint everyone, but the new season has been pushed back to Oct 5 to accommodate HBO scheduling conflicts. 10 episodes in the can, 4 more in post-production. Ratings will determine whether or not there will be a sixth season, a seventh, an eighth, as they’ve been optioned pending ratings.

  • Phil in Grand Rapids

    At 44, I’m way out of this show’s target age demo. Still, I don’t care about demos. Entourage is about great characters and great storytelling. That’s precisely what makes it so damn appealing to so many of us.

  • Gilberto Silva

    uhh season 5… sept 5th? or 7th wtvr… not oct goodjob dummie

  • Julien K

    Entourage season 5 will start september 7th
    it was announced in the new september 2008 issue of GQ magazine.

  • Esteban Sanchez

    Entourage blows huge donkey balls!!! Worst show I have ever seen!!!

  • Cool Man

    And your the biggest idiot i know. You clearly don’t understand it cuz it isn’t spoken in spanish.

  • justin

    That is a little racist, just bc a guy has a latin name doesn’t mean he watches everything in spanish you stupid fuck. However he is simply whack for talking shit about the show so don’t even bother. I await the shows return looking forward to smoking with my boys.

  • julio

    martin scorcese in the finale? just saw him walking around the set while they were filming in nyc..

  • julio

    martin scorcese in the finale? just saw him walking around the set while they were filming in nyc..

  • julio

    martin scorcese in the finale? just saw him walking around the set while they were filming in nyc..

  • fuck all of you

    listen asshole you dont know shit about smoking weed and you sound like a fudge packer so fuck off and stop acting like you know what the fuck your talking about

  • another Richard

    Im ******** glad I dont ******** watch this ******** **** Entourage ******* me.

    If that is what it ********* does to your ******* English and your ****** gramme, My ******* bet is your ******* brain is ********* after just ****** watching a few of these ******** shows on your ******** TV

  • The latest season starts airing next week!

    Entourage Scene Locations
    Hit all the LA hotspots.

  • chuck norris

    entourage is for nut munching va jay jays!!!! Woooooo suck on that one twat waffles!!!!

  • still chuck norris

    oh and by the way justin, smoking weed doesnt make you a bad ass (unless chuck Norris says so).

  • still chuck norris

    oh and by the way justin, smoking weed doesnt make you a bad ass (unless chuck Norris says so).

  • still chuck norris

    oh and by the way justin, smoking weed doesnt make you a bad ass (unless chuck Norris says so).

  • still chuck norris

    oh and by the way justin, smoking weed doesnt make you a bad ass (unless chuck Norris says so).

  • and still chuck norris

    i am looking foward to the day that the entourage season 5 dvd comes out so that i can use it to wipe the dingleberries from my ass crevace. And yes, there will be much defication.

  • chuck norris’ dad

    Hey Chuck,you shut your mouth or i’ll put you over my knee in front of all your little buddys. I’ll follow it up with a roundhouse kick to your gooch and i’ll let your grandpa back into your room at night. You hear me you ginger son of a bitch. Cut the lip. Cos you dont f**k with Daddy!
    Entourage is the best show on telly now just you shut your mouth.

  • bobs ya uncle

    haha, lovely read, funny ppl who dont like the show just have to come on here and bitch about it!.. get downloading lads, first 2 eps are out, and are bloody GREAT!..

  • dips

    entourage rules.
    best show on tv
    season five rocks!

    lost is great 2!
    cannot wait 4 season 5

  • kevo10

    Does anyone know how to find the song list from series five episode one?

  • your daddy

    listen carefully a**holes…if any muthaf*ckka will say anythin bad abt this grtst show ever….. i
    swear on the name of all my children…..i’ll **** their mothers again…n send him/her back to the same place,thru the same route he/she came thru…
    all hail!!!!

  • Marisol

    I want to know about the song in the episode 7!!! at the end, when they are gping to hawai with all the models… please I want that song!!!! any information????

  • Michael M

    its called Fake Plastic Trees by radiohead

  • Manish

    Can please any1 send the link for downloading the music track which runs in the episode 7!!! at the end, when they are going to hawai with all the models….plz

  • steve

    Does anyone know when the 5th season comes out on dvd?

  • fuck ur mom

    u guys all suck big fucking cocks and take it up the ass like ari’s assistant Lloyd

  • viv

    Entourage SUX! Who the hell wants to watch a lazy group of pretentious idiots cruising around LA acting like superstars when they are just boring deadbeats who live vicariously through their actor friend!! This is not entertainment its ridiculous, the characters are not attractive, have no comical appeal, no charisma, the story is weak …. I dont get it? Its like the hack who wrote this show is fucking stupid…. And the fact that it is so popular in the States, well, what does that say about the ole US of A. Still as obsessed with money, vanity, celebrity and power as it always was. All this money to make quality films and television and this is what is going on. I was so bored I had to turn it off, am I the only one that sees how ridiculous this show is, I mean, what IS is about? Adrian Greniers’ character (the main character, I believe) has about as much personality as a goldfish, he just laughs alot and looks pretty.

  • david

    you seriously dont know what the your talking about.. you watch one episode you think the show sucks.. you need to stick to cartoons buddy. those should keep you entertained for the rest of your life. have fun with those.. let the grown ups watch the good shows and you can stick to your little fantasy cartoons

  • Steve

    for those of you who say entourage sucks listen here go suck a big fat cock, you all are just jealous cause you couldn’t think of something like that, you guys don’t like money, you don’t want fame and the worst part of it is that you don’t respect your fucking friends.

  • bill


  • Michelle

    I love this show! I think Jermey Piven is fucking HOT and would fuck the hell out of him!

  • Non of ur fucking buisness

    You all have no life who just sit around and comment bad shit on tv shows so get off ur ass and do something important