Is It Safe To Eat? Chef Peter Chaplin - Saturday 11 August 2007

Is It Safe To Eat?
Saturday 11 August, 5.25pm

In today’s society, people are constantly asking questions about food and are continually confronted with major threats or controversies – genetically engineered food, ‘Mad Cow Disease’, chemicals injected in and sprayed onto food. Should we go organic? Are we feeding our children substances that will harm or even kill them in the long term? It is known that food affects health – but what is the answer?

‘Is It Safe To Eat?’ sees internationally renowned organic chef Peter Chaplin go in search of some answers. He talks to New Zealand’s top food scientists and toxicologists, and hears from people who are concerned about our current food practices. This series looks at the hidden dangers that lie in wait in the food people eat every day, debunks some of the prejudices, and demystifies the hypocrisy that thrives in the world of ‘food science’.

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