Lazytown - Weekdays at 3pm from Thursday 16 August


Get active with LazyTown!

Weekdays at 3:00pm

Get active with the inhabitants of LazyTown (well, some of them), screening every weekday at 3:00pm on 3.

LazyTown centres around Stephanie, the newcomer to LazyTown whose uncle is the mayor. As Stephanie tries to navigate her way through this new place and its crazy ways, she tries to stay true to her healthy ways while surrounded by the unhealthy behaviour of her new friends.

With her motto “there’s always a way!” she becomes good friends with the town’s resident action-health hero, Sportacus.

Sportacus is the hero every little boy and girl wants to be. He’s fit, he’s agile, and he’s an amazing acrobat with lightening fast moves. He loves to see people succeed, and is disappointed when they won’t even try. He looks beyond the status quo and believes there’s always a new, unique way to accomplish something.

Although Sportacus is an unstoppable wakeup force in a town that’s fast asleep, his kryptonite is sugar. Just the slightest bit makes him instantly lethargic, and he crumples to the ground in a heap.

However, every hero needs a good villain, and Sportacus’ comes in the form of Robbie Rotten. Mr. Rotten can’t believe that Sportacus is considered cool by the kids of LazyTown, especially since Sportacus is a terrible example of what it takes to be a LazyTowner!

The only thing that can tear Robbie away from snacking and TV in his underground lair is a new, nasty scheme to embarrass his sworn nemesis. His most passionate desire is to make Sportacus lose face in front of his friends in LazyTown.

Join the inhabitants of LazyTown as the try to keep active, weekdays at 3pm on 3 from Thursday, August 16th.

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