ONE News Presenter overhall?

A rumoured review of TVNZ’s One News could see weekday presenter Wendy Petrie moved to the weekend bulletin on her own and weekend presenter Bernadine Oliver-Kerby join Dallow on weeknights.

Recent ratings have shown that One News has slowed, but not halted the drop of viewers and advertising dollars.

Does One News need another overhaul of its presenters?

This is from the NZ Herald website. Some people have expressed their views:

It sures does. The start with Kay Gregory leaving The Breakfast Show this morning is just what TVNZ needs. The America’s Cup is a classic example of TVNZ News being big on “jollies” for the staff but really light on anything about news to watch. Their whole approach seems to be based on sensationalism like the old crappy newspaper reports. -Peebee from Rotorua

TVNZ forgot ages ago that television is a visual medium and followed instead the Governments PC direction that says everyone is equal. So they employ unattractive, mostly older, presenters. A speach impediment also helps.-John from Wellington

I support TVNZ news – more so I think from historical reasons (family days and in the absence of competition). However we all need updating sometimes – I therefore fully support the recommended changes – bring in Bernie and Veitch, they have a great rapport at the weekend. In overhaluling the news, I think there is a need to offer more international news. In comparision to European chanels, NZ is very limited on its coverage (in the context of volume and content) Something BBC news-ish? -Tv1 suppporter from Auckland

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  • bandit

    I dont think so.. Wendy is thoroughlt professional and presents the news well. I cant see Bernie doing it any better. The reason I watch TV 1 news is to see Wendy. She is the best by far.

  • ChchTVaddict

    I say GO TV3! TVNZ treat their presenting staff horribly,. YET AGAIN they try another combination. TV3 is hands down better

  • Tui

    What annoys me is that you do not see how awesome and friendly TVNZ really is. You always see the negative side of things which is always blown out of proportion.

  • bobscoffee

    mainly because of the other media’s intent on running down tvnz. notice how the nz herald always focused on paul henry and kay’s ‘lack’ of on-screen chemistry? how did they determine most of us think they lack chemistry together or is it the reporter’s own opinion? most of the negative comments on their and stuff’s website weren’t based on her on-screen chemistry with paul being frosty, but more on her being too ‘mumsy’.

  • Tui

    Yeah well I’m sick of all the negativity around TVNZ.
    You hardly ever see bad news on TV3, Stuff and the NZ Herald because it’s foccused on TVNZ too much.

  • bobscoffee

    i completely agree with you there tui so i welcome unhappy tv3 staffers to share their stories!

  • nash

    I agree that Wendy is the best, most professional person and easy to understand. Here’s hoping she is not replaced with someone who looks like she’s reporting on the local netball results.