Real Crime - Fred West - Born To Kill? Wednesday 22 August

Real Crime: Fred West – Born To Kill?
Wednesday 22 August, 9.30pm

Fred West lived in an ordinary house, in an ordinary street. He had a wife, kids, and lodgers, and he liked company. He also liked to maim, molest and murder. Over a period of about 20 years, Fred and Rose West abducted, tortured, raped and murdered an unknown number of girls, many of whom lay buried in the garden until the police dug them up. What motivated West to commit such terrible crimes?

‘Real Crime: Fred West – Born To Kill?’ investigates the life of serial killer West (tonight at 9.30pm on TV ONE). It sees interviews with a pathologist, psychiatrist, journalists, one of his female victims, solicitor, criminologist and a criminal profiler, all in an attempt to uncover the probable cause and effect that led him to become one of the world’s most infamous killers.
Richard Fergusson, the prosecuting QC at the trial of Rosemary West described Fred West as: “A man devoid of compassion, consumed with sexual lust, a sadistic killer and someone who had opted out of the human race – the very epitome of evil.”

Biography writer Jean Ritchie says West came from a family in which incest was taken as fairly normal. She says he apparently played sexual games with his mother for years and was sexually abused by his father. “He was highly sexualised from a very young age and sex became very much part of his motivation.”

As a teenager, West was involved in a motorcycle accident, receiving multiple injuries including a serious head wound. He spent seven days unconscious in hospital. It has been speculated these injuries may have affected his behaviour and impulse control from then onwards.

Criminal profiler and doctor of psychology David Holmes says the brain’s frontal lobe controls the humans impulses and contains the elements of what makes people behave morally: “For Fred, these were damaged and for someone who was already a little bit psychopathic, he suddenly had the breaks taken off completely and it made him into a real danger to society.”

Watch tonight’s ‘Real Crime’ documentary ‘Fred West – Born To Kill?’ to see if this seemingly ordinary man was driven to slaughter at least 12 women and children… or if he was born to kill.

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