Maori Television’s inside look at policing from a uniquely Maori perspective – KAITIAKI O TE MAUNGARONGO (GUARDIANS OF THE PEACE) – returns with fresh faces and even more refreshing attitudes on Monday October 29 at 8.00 PM.

With the focus on a group of central North Island Maori police officers, the 13-part series follows the trials and tribulations facing every serving officer as well as allowing an insight into some of the extra difficulties faced by Maori police men and women.

Maori are over-represented in crime statistics – so how do these officers try and turn those figures around, change the mindset of young criminals and work constructively with some openly mistrustful Maori communities?

Rotorua-based Maui Productions (Kai Time On The Road, TOA, Whatukura) has made this second series for Maori Television and producer Jo Santamaria says it is important to take an honest look at the community’s perceptions of the police and see how they match up with reality.

“Throughout this series, we get to know these officers, we see the huge effort they are putting in both professionally and personally and we see their human side. They truly are the guardians of the peace for their communities.”

In this second series, viewers can join Waikato officers as they try and clamp down on the boy racing culture, take a look at frontline policing of drink drivers, see how the Taupo police manage several large events, join a sole charge officer in the remote community of Ruatoki and much more.

Join Maori Television for a remarkable series featuring truly remarkable people when KAITIAKI O TE MAUNGARONGO (GUARDIANS OF THE PEACE) premieres on Monday October 29 at 8.00 PM.

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