Serial killer slays Shortland Street lesbian

Posted on last night:

Tonight’s one-hour episode of TV2’s flagship local drama Shortland Street was the last to feature popular lesbian character Jay Copeland, who was found dead, seemingly at the hands of a serial killer.

Played by Jaime Passier-Armstrong since 2004, bar manager Jay formalised her relationship with her long-term partner Maia Jeffries, in New Zealand’s first (and so far only) televised Civil Union on Valentine’s Day last year – with over half a million New Zealanders watching.

Jay’s appearance was originally intended to be for only three months, but the character proved popular with viewers. After the character’s first few weeks on screen, Shortland Street’s producer Harriet Crampton said fans asked for Jay to stay, and remain lesbian.

Whenever interviewed, actress Passier-Armstrong said she always appreciated how important her TV character was as a role model for young lesbians who wrote to Shortland Street. She even occasionally appeared with her on-screen partner at Family nightclub. “I’ve got a lot of gay friends, so it wasn’t something I had to get my head around. It was more the viewers’ curiosity,” she told Spasifik magazine last month.

The discovery of Jay Copeland’s body at the end of tonight’s episode makes her seemingly the third victim of the ‘Ferndale killer’. Producers say the ‘whodunnit’ storyline will play out for many more episodes to come. Her on-again off-again partner Maia remains in the show.

This is the second time a LGBT character on Shortland Street has been murdered – gay doctor Geoff Greenlaw was bludgeoned to death and thrown in the chiller of a local bar in 2003, just a few weeks after the character came out.

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  • Mellia

    Her death was horrible! It kinda made me sad..more sad then Clairs!

  • Fiona

    Oh my god, the way Alice lost it when she found Jay made me cry and I never cry.

  • latoia

    it was horrible that jay was next,made me very sad!!

  • Jess

    I have an idea of Ferndale’s “serial killer”
    I reckon it was that orderly guy who asked Claire and Meg out and was rejected by them right b4 the killings. I can’t remember if he asked Jay to but yea. Oh, I also think hes dodgy coz he keeps talking about how they were naked. I think Kieran’s innocent but Mark should be punished for what he did to to Tania!
    Anyway what do u think!
    I miss Jay

  • Tui

    It could be Brenda..

  • josh1

    so its not keiran or mark……….top of my suspects would be joey or scotty now.

    i was so sad when geoff died because he was great and he’d only just come out recently.

  • crazyjane69

    F***ing GUTTED they killed Jay!!

    Aaaahhh? Helloooooo? She is the f***ing HOTTEST and BEST ACTRESS on the f***king show! SHE is the ONLY reason why I watched it!! I hate this story line! And if you look on the website f***king millions of fans are spewing they killed her and saying its now a stupid storyline. What a waste of one of the Hottest and Sexiest characters on the damn show. The country is in mourning. Many JAY fans are F.U.R.I.O.U.S!!!

    R.I.P Jay – you will not be forgotten (loved your final note drawn on the bar!)

    And Jamie – Thank you for playing the strongest, hottest, fiestiest and god dam sexiest character ever to hit the show. All the very best, not that you need it, I think you’re a great actress and hope to see you on the silver screen very very soon and like everyone is posting on sites, hope to see you on Outrageous Fortune!! x x x x x x x

  • Mate

    I think the serial killer is Scotty becouse he hates people that dress like a hooker and asking for it he told shanti that he also hates gay’s and lesbien’s

  • lemonpie

    apparently its toni nd shes gone crazy or sumthng…

  • River

    Yeah I think its Sam the orderly too.

  • Fiona Jane Bailey

    Dear Crazy Jane
    are you a hair dresser because there is a person called Jane but she owns a hairdressing shop in Kaikoura New Zealand she is crazy but who the hell is Sam am i missing something.

    From Fiona

  • tj murphy

    the jeffries have to come back