Shortland Street - Monday August 20 - Friday August 24

Shortland Street
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Shortland Street’s newest doctor hits the screens this week – in a very unconventional manner.

Dr Kip Denton’s (Will Hall) arrival on a skateboard quickly gets some of the more senior members of the clinic up in arms when he arrives to take on his new role in ED. Quick to bump heads with the new medic is senior Emergency Department (ED) doctor, Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing), who is less than inclined to let new people show her up in a department she helps to run. Unfortunately for Sarah, Kip is the kind of person who relishes winding people up – particularly those who he thinks take themselves too seriously.

“Kip is a highly-skilled and talented doctor with great experience, but he doesn’t take kindly to other people telling him what to do,” says Will Hall, winner of the Best Actor Award at the 2005 New Zealand Screen Awards for his work on Insider’s Guide to Love. “He virtually set up the ED department at the Rockhampton Hospital in Queensland and ran the place of his own accord, so he thinks he has earned the right to do things his own way. The only problem is that it was a much newer and smaller hospital, and he forgets there are senior staff members at Shortland Street who are far more experienced and have their own systems in place.”

Equally at home on a skateboard as he is in charge of a busy ED, Kip’s philosophy is all about going with the flow. However, while Kip may promote the illusion he is a slacker, he is actually a skilled and dedicated physician driven to do the best for his patients.

“Kip doesn’t intentionally set out to ruffle his colleague’s feathers, but if he sees somebody who he thinks is taking life and work too seriously, he purposely goes out to try and poke a bit of fun at them,” says Hall. “Dr Potts is someone who he looks at and hopes he will never be like – uptight, stressed. I guess he is trying to lighten her mood when he meets her, but it doesn’t quite seem to work out the way he plans.”

As well as upsetting some of the senior members of staff, it appears Kip also has a history with Alice Piper (Toni Potter) – and she is not happy to see him. “Kip and Alice were friends at university and they got on really well, but in typical Kip fashion, it all got a little too serious and he took off,” says Hall. “I guess with the benefit of hindsight, he wishes things could of ended differently with Alice and so he is really stoked to see her when he arrives at Shortland Street. But I am not so sure Alice feels the same way.”

Catch award-winning actor Will Hall when he rolls into town as the off-beat new doctor Kip Denton, on Shortland Street, weeknights on TV2.

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