Top Gear NZ?

Top gear is one of, if not the top rating show in the UK. And watched all over the world. This latest series that we have just seen here in NZ has been one of the best so far. It was a shortened series due to Richard Hammond’s crash and miraculous recovery. While they had more than enough footage for a full series they had run out of available slots to air it. The worse thing was that we had to wait months be for we could see it here.

Numerous shows have been copied in New Zealand such as Dancing With The Stars, How Clean Is Your House, Location Location Location and now game shows like Deal or No Deal and The Rich List.

So, what’s stopping us doing a New Zealand version of Top Gear? Yes the current series was one of the most expensive productions the BBC has ever partaken in. But they had to start somewhere. In the early days I recall Jeremy Clarkson complaining about the meager budget they were operating on.

Well, I’m trying to get Top Gear NZ produced but I am struggling to get the support from the broadcasters for this.

Guess what, you can help! I’ve set up a short survey to get support for Top Gear NZ that I can take to the networks with my proposal:

Just copy and paste the link into your browser and fill in the survey, it’ll only take a moment (no, not the ‘moment’ that the phone surveyors say, this will only take a moment!).

Also take a look at my myspace page, and subscribe to my blogs to keep up to date with any progress I may have made:

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  • SimTV

    Give it up. Top Gear is a branded name, so they’re not going to let little ol’ NZ make a half arsed attempt at copying it. Top Gear is successful because it has a large production budget, great locations – Europe – as well as intelligent, witty presenters and a ready, easy supply to high quality, expensive cars. Something NZ has . . none of.

  • Andie

    I agree with Rikki – it is the presenters that make the show, not the show format. And the great locations. It’s almost a cross between a car show and a travel show.