True Stories: Body-building Pensioners - Thursday August 23


Tonight’s TRUE STORIES documentary explores the bizarre world of bodybuilding pensioners, where age is no barrier to achieving the body beautiful. While most old age pensioners are struggling to get by on their Zimmer frames, there are some who are strutting their stuff, flexing their pecs and curling their biceps to outshine the competition in some of the most fiercely contended bodybuilding championships around. Growing old is not quite what it used to be. Once it meant growing frail, a loss of independence and a body that was shrinking fast. Not anymore. This documentary enters the lives of the grannies and granddads who live for their workouts and weights, their rippling muscles and their fake tans. Discover the rigorous

training and strict diets and follow them as they take to the stage in skimpy posing costumes ready to battle it out for the coveted prize of champion bodybuilder.

Behind the scenes at home, discover the family sacrifices, the personal missions and the quest to maintain their washboard stomachs. Eric, 70, is about to realise a dream as he travels to California to compete against the world’s top over-70s bodybuilders. Ted, 65, is a veteran of over 200 bodybuilding competitions, yet he yearns for first prize. In an attempt to win he’s masterminded a secret plan. Bernie, 61, has an extraordinary hulk-like body which continues to defy gravity. Unfortunately, for wife Linda, maintaining his physique means a life ruled by a training routine. And glamorous Kathy spends her days juggling her weights, her belly dancing and life with husband, Mike, all in an attempt to keep the bingo wings away. Revealing and candid, this film enters the world of those who live for their bodybuilding and the ultimate prize of a youthful body.

TS: BODY BUILDING PENSIONERS: Thursday 23rd August at 8.30pm

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  • Grahame Noblet

    Wanted to let you know that the Body Building Pensioners doco on Prime (23rd.Aug)is a must for my viewing.I am 69 years young and I am into the world of bodybuilding,having entered a couple of contests,it is a life style that once started is very hard to give up.I feel healthier and mentally fitter than I have done for many years,a lifestyle that I try to encourage others to take up,not the bodybuilding (that is really a completely different kettle of fish)but the healthy lifestyle.
    Regards, Grahame

  • noel lawrence

    i am a 65 year old bodybuider im afraid i never got to see this doco as i was at work i would like to know if it is going to be replayed or can i get a copy thank you noel lawrence.