UKTV - Channel Premiere: Dirty Tricks

Channel Premiere: Dirty Tricks

UKTV – Sunday 26 August, 9.30pm

Dirty Tricks, a riotous drama, combining a gripping thriller with savage, salacious comedy, follows the hapless exploits of an unscrupulous English Tutor at a seedy language school in Oxford. On the surface he’s an eternal student: charming, witty and accomplished who has the class and culture to enjoy life but unfortunately not the funds. All this changes when he is invited to a dinner party by his employer’s accountant. After his host’s wife accosts Edward in the upstairs bathroom, a rollercoaster ride begins which sees Edward come into some serious money and some serious legal trouble to go with his new good fortune. Along the way he also discovers a brilliant and ruthless talent for lying and manipulating everyone around him.

Stars: Martin Clunes (Doc Martin and Men Behaving Badly), Julie Graham (The Bill and William & Mary), James Bolam (New Tricks and Born and Bred).

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