UKTV - Charles II: New Series Starts Sunday 9 September

New Series: Charles II

UKTV – Sunday 9 September, 9.30pm

Dynamic King Charles II nurtured the wittiest, most decadent Royal Court of all time, while entertaining an array of magnificent mistresses from sex addict Barbara Villiers to the French spy Louise De Keroualle – not forgetting sparky, streetwise actress Nell Gwynn. But first he spent years in exile, penniless and powerless, while England endured the reign of Oliver Cromwell, the man responsible for the execution of Charles’ father. His return to his country, a triumphant ride on his 30th birthday, led to a 25-year reign that was nothing if not cataclysmic: London was decimated by the Plague and the Great Fire, while England’s resources were constantly depleted by wars with Holland and France. Racy, visceral and violent, this is a romp through a period of history when to move fast was to capture the prize: in politics and in love.

Stars: Starring Rufus Sewell (Meet Frank and Hamlet), Rupert Graves (The Forsyte Saga and Take a Girl Like You), Diana Rigg (Mrs Bradley Mysteries and The Avengers), Ian MacDiarmid (Star Wars and Crime and Punishment), Charlie Creed-Miles (Essex Boys and The 5th Element), Martin Freeman (The Office and The Robinsons)

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