Who Will Host Sunrise?

Who do you think will host TV 3’s new Breakfast TV show Sunrise???

They have just hired Sacha McNeil could she be a contender??

Most likely 5 or 6 hosts and a revolving team of regulars if worldwide precedents were followed

2 Anchors (Male Female)
News Presenter
Sports Presenter
Weather Presenter
and Possibly Entertaiment reporter

Regulars likely to include
– Technology
– Finance
– Movie
– Music
– Media
– Politics
– Travel
– Health

Any ideas??

Certainly large pool to chose from if you were to include mediaworks’ radio talent

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About the author

  • ell

    I read that Ali Ikram formerly of One was a contender for the male spot.

  • DanielM

    Eck. He’s awkward to watch when he fills in for Paul Henry.

  • DevilDodo

    Don’t know why they don’t just televise Kim & Corbett & Hilary Barry, tbh…

  • reece_555

    nooo not another mediaworks radio & TV combination theres enough at the moment.

  • bobscoffee

    kim and corbett are lame. even corbett hosting deal or no deal on his own is bad enough.