Wife Swap - Friday 21 September



Homespun meets the high street in tonight’s episode of WIFE SWAP where the god-fearing Kathy trades places with Melissa whose only fear is looking unfashionable.

Kathy and David Hardin live in a simple Tennessee home. Both are devoutly religious people who not only home-school their eight children, but also expect the youngsters to do household chores. David grades each child on the performances of those chores, and the grades that they earn allow the children to participate in homespun, fun family activities. Although the children are given a weekly allowance, they have to pay taxes to their parents and to God. The allowance is also used to pay for the children’s food when the family goes out to eat. The family’s entire wardrobe budget is $500 a year for 10 people.

Melissa Kraut, on the other hand, is a glamorous Pennsylvania woman who spends tens of thousands of dollars on the latest fashion trends. In order to help support her habit, Melissa works as a “romance enhancement specialist,” hosting in-home lingerie parties. But there’s little time for romance — or spending time together — in the Kraut household; Melissa’s shopping and work schedule doesn’t give her much time to spend with her husband, Steven, or their three sons, Brandon, Darren and Bradley. In fact, it’s Steven who does the cooking and childrearing. The children, who have every toy boys of their age could ever want, are not expected to help around the house.

WIFE SWAP, Friday 21st September at 8.30pm

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  • Mr Unicycle

    Melissa is on fun lady! Never wore the same thing twice. It’s been a while……………..