2 Reasons to watch Skins

If you’re under 30 and like cutting-edge new shows, don’t miss Skins tonight on C4 at 9:30pm:

  • It’s controversial. Sex, drugs, parties, anorexia… The show made world headlines a few months ago for inspiring a massive party where teens completely trashed a house.
  • It’s fresh and raw. It’s about young people but for once actually written by young people. The average age of the writers is only 23! It’s shot using independent film as inspiration for its style.

If language or nudity puts you off, this isn’t your show. (The swearometer is off the scale.) Trailers and clips are over at YouTube, but you’ll need to be registered and confirm your birth date is over 18 to view them.

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About the author

  • nanisnap

    This show was great! Good one C4!

  • Charter Obligation

    I missed the first episode, but last night’s one was very impressive.

  • Jaynee

    I LOVE SKINS! I’m addicted to it.
    Wow I haven’t been on Throng in ages o_O