3 Reasons to watch Dexter

If you’re a fan of CSI or other forensics shows, check out Dexter which debuts tonight on Sky 1 at 9pm. Watch the chilling trailer on the right or read more »

  1. It’s original. Unlike most other shows on TV, the star of the show (Dexter) is a forensics expert for the police but by night is a serial killer who preys on killers who haven’t been caught by the police.
  2. It’s creepy. Dexter is a complex character and one you’re never comfortable with. He has a creepy fascination with blood and has a fake girlfriend to keep himself looking normal (although he’s not at all interested in anything physical). He switches between a driven killer and seemingly normal guy in an instant. You’re left wondering if he’ll get caught, or someone will get suspicious of him.
  3. It’s critically acclaimed. It was the third-best reviewed show of the 2006 fall season in the US and is rated highly on TV.com. Michael Hall was nominated for a Golden Globe for playing Dexter. It premiered to record ratings on Showtime (US) and FX network (UK).

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