All Blacks vs da wrld?

Who do uz reckn gonna win the rugby world cup. im not sure ABs gna win cauze they dnt hav Tana Umanga. He hot, wellz he used 2z b.

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Heyz Ktz ere nd shs redy 2 getz busy. My namez iz Kt andz I livz in Dvnprt. itz rock. I can't wait toz watch the wrld cup. Myz bro playz rugby 4 nrthlnd and hz numba 7 hz namz Joel McKenty. Hez been in ze newspapa lots of tmez.
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  • campgrrls

    I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that the ABs will win. Aussie, Sth Africa, and maybe even France could win it. France are unpredictable and still could get it together.

  • tirger


  • GrahamPuddle

    Course the ABs have as good a show as all the rest. It not over until the fat lady sings as they say. If I was going to pick the final it would be SA against the ABs. The ABs have the best build up to the cup

  • campgrrls

    Actually I think the ABs have a poor build up. They go thru the pool rounds without being tested at all. Then they have to play an improving France in the quarters (probably), then an improving Aussie, then a very assured and sharp SA.

    Slow relaxed pool rounds followed by 3 tough games in 3 weeks.

  • Graham Puddle

    I was refering to the build up to the cup down under. I know they have not been tested as yet but I still think they will be able to defend their line aggressivly when the time comes.