Friday 12 October

A bunch of bridesmaids get fed up with their overeating bride, while two solo parents find their five kids a handful as they plan their beachfront wedding

Bride Melody Simmons is a diet diva — except when it comes to herself. When she tries on her dress, it’s too tight. But that doesn’t stop her from eating up at the rehearsal dinner, while prohibiting her bridesmaids to ingest more than a mere morsel.

She even goes as far as to put a lock on the refrigerator to prevent anyone from cheating. By the wedding day, the bride (barely) fits into her dress and her bridesmaids are ready to revolt.

Meanwhile, Karyn Ganaway, a single mum of two is marrying a single dad of three. They have decided to fly from Cincinnati with their five children to have a beachfront wedding, but Karyn soon discovers that travelling in a troop is a bit more of a hassle than she bargained for.

And when Karyn does a test-run with her hair, she can’t believe how bad she looks—and neither can anyone else.

Friday 12th October at 9.30pm

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