Friday 28 September




A fanatical kung-fu mum who controls everything her kids do right down to what they eat, swaps with a mum whose kitchen cupboards are an extension of her closet.

Lori Bimonte of New Jersey has a chaotic home with TV and music blaring all day and all night. Lori, a manicured mum who’s never cooked a meal, feeds her family fast food and uses her kitchen cabinets to store socks and clothes. Lori’s 13-year-old daughter Nicole refuses to do homework, talks back to her parents and lives with very few boundaries. Lori’s two younger children, Danielle and Joseph barely get a look in. Dad Joe, who works 12 hours a day in construction, comes home to a nightly ritual of trying to get his foot stomping, door-slamming daughter to go to bed at a decent hour. Martial arts couple Lekili and Alan Hubbard, and their two children, Kalani and Makanani live in a calm and orderly California home. Here, kung fu is not just a sport; it’s a way of life. Lekili and Alan run martial arts studios and their children are top kung fu athletes whether they want to be or not. The Hubbard house is a sanctuary of calm where the family practices 75 different martial arts movements. Lekili and Alan control every aspect of their teenage children’s lives including what they eat, where they go and who they are allowed to see outside the family.

WIFE SWAP, Friday 28th September at 8.30pm

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