Friday 5 October



Socialising stage mum Lauren is in for a shock when she leaves her VIP world behind and moves into the rough-and-ready Schachtner household.

Patty and Joe Schachtner are high school sweethearts who enjoy the simple life in their small-town Wisconsin home with their children, Travis, Pattie Jo, Toby, Dylan and Gunnar. The male-dominated household is more like a frat house than a home. That’s fine with rough-and-tumble Patty, who loves spending her time away from her volunteer EMT position with her family. They hunt, fish, wrestle and hang out together. It’s a girls’ world for Lauren Martincak, who runs a successful modelling agency and enjoys her city’s glittering VIP social scene. Not only does she indulge her two little girls, Sammi Jack and Danni Jo, with designer clothes and gifts, but she’s proud that they want to be just like her. She refers to them as her “mini-me’s.” Lauren is grooming 10-year-old Sammi Jack to be “the next big thing in America” by promoting her daughter’s very own girl band. Husband Danny escapes their ultra-girly home to wake board and play hockey with his buddies.

WIFE SWAP, Friday 5 October at 8.30pm

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  • bobscoffee

    i can’t believe how incredibly selfish and self-absorbed the father danny is

  • Timqo

    In my opinion the Martincaks are narciscist and appear older than they are. They seem to think more of what neighbors and others think of them. In my opinion neither are attractive at all, I guess the personality attributes to that.