Kayne Peters: Kidzone host

Meet our new Kidzone host, Kayne Peters. He appears in between programmes on TVNZ Kidzone, with his puppet friend Zoe, helping our pre-school viewers have fun while they’re learning about themselves, their community, and everyday life skills.

Kayne meets children and their families from around Aotearoa New Zealand, celebrating the ordinary and the extraordinary experiences that make up their daily lives. Kayne also explores many cultures that make up the tapestry of New Zealand society today.

Presenter Kayne Peters

Presenter Kayne Peters, who has Tuwharetoa and Tainui connections, is a performing arts graduate with significant experience as a drama tutor in schools.

Kayne Peters - Kidzone Host

“Coming from South Auckland, I have strong aroha for the young children of Aotearoa and want them to have role models who make a positive effect on their lives. I want to encourage kids to try new things. We also have heaps of opportunities on the show for viewers to meet lots of other children from different backgrounds who live in Aotearoa New Zealand. If I can show children that they are loved and respected, then I’ll be happy.”

Information For Parents and Caregivers

TVNZ Kidzone was conceived, written and produced by a team of early-childhood education professionals, and are developmentally and age-appropriate. The children featured in the segments are gathered from the wide range of ethnicities that make up New Zealand’s population. Healthy lifestyles are encouraged, including choices about food, sport and a positive, motivated attitude to life. Presenter Kayne Peters is a positive role model, showing good manners and consideration for others.

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  • bROz


  • Kayne

    Wow… Thanks for the awhi tautoko peepz. I’m not too sure who that person is that gave my bebo and cv details out but hey it really is a small world isn’t it ha ha ha. I assume it’s one of the bROz…

    I am looking forward to the airing of TVNZ6, I worked very hard and put my heart and soul into this programme so that it can make a positive impact on our Tamariki. With Gods help I belive it will.

    Peace and Love Peepz

  • Kayne

    Wassup Bro

    Thanks for the support aye. I don’t even know you but I feel you brother. So thank you and may your journeys be wide and prosperous also.


  • Casey

    Hi Kayne,

    I don’t know you but you seem like a really great person based on your comments and I’m really looking forward to seeing what Kidzone is like for my kids to tune into every so often. It sounds like a positive show and I am glad there will be no commericals! Good luck, have fun and God bless!!!


  • Haami

    Kayne, tena koe? He mihi nu nui mau mo tou mahi i runga i te pouaka whakkata, he tino pai rawa atu. You have travelled the road and you are a success. Not only a success but an inspiration to many. Please email me at mahi,would love to keep in touch see how you doing. Kahurangi is upon us once again and that made me think of you graduating and how proud we all were of you.

    ma te atua e manaaki

  • MamaKate

    My kids love you Kayne! And unlike other kids shows, I don’t get sick of seeing you 🙂 Great work!

  • Dan

    Kane is an illiterate twit.. shouldn’t be teaching children.

    Quote: “Gonna go get me some shoes”

    • Sam

      Compare Kidzone to Australian kids’ TV. It is like Kidzone has a budget of $10 a week, compared to programs of such quality as Playschool Australia.
      I wish the presenters of Kidzone were less manically excited the entire time, and more interested in actually assuming their audience has some intelligence, and aren’t all aged 12 months.
      Once again, watch Playschool Australia to see how good a kids TV program could be. It has excellent craft-making, professionally written music, interesting trips to the real world, wonderful story-telling etc.
      And all of this without one single ‘YEE-YAH’, ‘My friend’, or pausing for 5 seconds after saying ‘How are you?’ when everyone knows that this is a TV show and that he cannot hear you.
      Rant over.

  • Eyez

    Get over yourself mate, he is an Amazing role model for our Tamariki and you know it. Take your negativity elsewhere thanks

  • balance

    kayne is the best, a great performer, and a great human being. he is a positive and enthusiastic role model who clearly values children and has a great rapport with them even through the tv screen. we are lucky to have him, long may he grace our screens.