Monday 1, Wednesday 3 October



Tune in each weeknight for a laid-back look at the best of the day’s sporting news with Andrew Mulligan and Mark Richardson.

Monday 3rd October: Missed sport over the weekend? No problem, each Monday the CGW team bring you “One Game At A Time” with highlights and lowlights from the weekend sports set against a background of soft rock from the 1990s, and a cheesy voiceover.

Wednesday 3rd October: Tonight is “The Crowd Goes Wild” night, an imaginatively named segment where the fans are given the chance to hog the camera. The guys pick out the best action, or inaction, from a person in the stands giving the fans their chance to shine… for 90 seconds.

THE CROWD GOES WILD, Monday 1st October, Wednesday 3rd October at 7.00pm

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  • m mclean

    to the two clowns who run the show.couldn’t you get someone younger.These two old fools,surely. Firstly,to the “fatboy’ Andrew, stop trying to pile your “fuzz’ on your head,YOU’RE BALD!As for Mark,that mass of dusty grey crap on your head looks ridiculous,surpassed only by you frequenting Helen Clarks’ dentist. Get that broken glass you call teeth, FIXED.MOVE ON!!!!!!!!