New pilot!!!

NBC is looking at doing a two hour pilot of … Knight Rider! If it goes down well, they’ll make a whole season!!!!


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  • Tui

    This is fantastic!! 😀

    Edit: KITT is going to “shift shapes in the new series, which could also see battles involving ‘evil’ cars”
    Weird :s

  • DevilDodo

    Uber-lame. Knight Rider needs to stay in the 80s where it belongs…

  • Knight Rider 2010 flopped. Knight Rider 2000 flopped. Team Knight Rider lasted one season. Anyone want to say, ‘Bad idea’?

  • MrCynical

    Ah but that was pre-transformers!

  • Tui

    Knight Rider 2010 was nothing to do with Knight Rider.
    Knight Rider 2000 was David Hasslehoffs idea – of course it flopped!
    Team Knight Rider did flop yes – but it was a spinoff the main idea. The main idea didn’t flop 🙂